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Commissioning Process at Classic Glass Studios.

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General process for completing a successful stained glass project:

Focusing on Your Needs

By focusing on your needs and desires, Classic Glass Ltd, Stained Glass Studio is able to transform your stained glass visions into a stunning reality. Our windows are constructed and installed by skilled artisans, using only the highest quality materials, and each handcrafted window is unique.

Focusing on Quality

Because stained glass windows last for generations, quality of design is very important. Through close relationships with nationally renowned liturgical artists, we are able to provide both contemporary and traditional styles of stained glass design. These relationships, combined with quality craftsmanship, allow us to produce world-class church windows.

General process for completing a successful stained glass project:

  • Initial discussions regarding themes, plans and desired results
  • Determination of preferred style and artist
  • Receive estimate from Classic Glass, Ltd, Stained Glass Studio
  • Review Classic Glass and artist’s expertise and abilities based on our overall body of work
  • Approve studio and artist, agree to terms, and sign contract
  • More discussions with artist regarding themes and desires
  • Artist submits renderings for approval or revision until client is satisfied
  • Fabrication of windows 
  • Final installation





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