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Classic Glass Studio provides the best facial details on traditional hand painted glass.

Facial Details in Stained Glass - Classic Glass Studio
Facial Details Gallery

The true measure of quality for any hand painted stained glass window, or the skill of any glass painter, can be found in the quality of the faces and other details. This is an area where a glass painter’s true skill is often challenged. This also happens to be the main focal point of most stained glass windows. So the qualities of the facial details alone usually determine the successful outcome of any painted stained glass project. Many stained glass studios reach the extent of their glass painting capabilities at this point. This underscores the importance of hiring a stained glass studio capable of producing only the finest hand painted, traditional stained glass work. There are only a handful of glass painters in the world that occupy this level of excellence.

The gallery below features facial details from past projects. Please click on the picture to view the full face.







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