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Classic Glass, Ltd, Stained Glass Studio

Stained Glass Restoration Services provided by Classic Glass, Ltd, Stained Glass Studio.

Stained Glass Restoration - Restoring Stained Glass Windows to Their Original Beauty

Stained glass windows usually begin to show signs of deterioration around 70 years of age and beyond. Typically, after 90 years there is significant evidence that permanent damage is occurring. This is often represented by ‘symptoms’ such as bulging, sagging, light leaks, loose re-bar, and cracked glass. The glass itself is what we are trying to preserve. The lead caming and putty/cement is what is deteriorating. Once the glass has cracked, it is cracked permanently. The goal is to replace or stabilize the lead matrix before permanent glass damage occurs. This is best done through a complete re leading when necessary. A much higher degree of vigilance is necessary, if your windows are hand painted and include figures and faces etc. Once a face or painted piece is cracked, it is permanent.

It is important to note that simply addressing the ‘symptoms’ by doing general repairs on a stained glass window such as flattening, re cementing, and replacing or covering cracked glass, does not address the source of the problem, and is not considered a ‘restoration’. These issues for most windows over 70+ years old are caused by the lead caming becoming brittle and developing hairline cracks throughout. Too often, Church trustees are spending thousands on ‘general’ repairs over a period of years chasing the symptoms, only to find that a proper restoration / releading is inevitable regardless.

General repairs and flattening are a viable stained glass repair method in unique circumstances, usually for windows showing premature signs of deterioration at a much younger age. (Less than 60 years old) 

Please see the typical ‘Step-by-Step’ stained glass restoration process here.

Our stained glass restoration services include:

  • Complete re-leading
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Reinforcing and cementing
  • Glass research and matching
  • Paint replication
  • Frame replacement
  • Stained glass window re-location and retrofit

Classic Glass, Ltd. Stained Glass Studio has completed countless stained glass restoration projects of all sizes and has the experience necessary to handle even the most demanding job conditions. Please feel free to contact any church on our project list for a reference, call 1-701-232-8999 or email Classic Glass for more information.

Because each window is different, contact Classic Glass to discuss your stained glass restoration needs.

Pictures of some of our Restoration Projects


Additional Samples of our Restoration Projects (No Pictures)


Newburgh Town Hall
Newburgh, IN
Pontoppidan Lutheran Church
Fargo, ND
Bethel Lutheran Church
Madison, WI
Our Saviors Lutheran Church
Montevideo, MN
Northern State University
Aberdeen, SD
Trinity Lutheran Church
Fisher, MN
Grace Free Lutheran Church
Valley City, ND
St. Williams Catholic Church
Ramona, SD
St. Johns Catholic Church
Wahpeton, ND
St. Boniface Catholic Church
Wimbledon, ND
St. Ann's Catholic Church
Belcourt, ND
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Aberdeen, SD
Roncalli Catholic School
Aberdeen, SD
Hope Lutheran Church
Walker, MN
Grace Lutheran Church
Carrington, ND
St. Josephs Catholic Church
Crosby, MN
Salem Covenant
Duluth, MN
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Nortonville, ND
St. Mary's Catholic Church
Clear Lake, SD
Church of Corpus Christi
Bismarck, ND
St. Boniface Catholic Church
Walhalla, ND
Community Church
Aneta, ND
United Methodist Church
Chisholm, MN
Grace Lutheran Church
Brandon, MN
First Presbyterian Church
Mandan, ND
Dell Rapids Lutheran Church
Dell Rapids, SD
Federated Church
Grafton, ND
Stutsman County Museum
Jamestown, ND
Chippewa County Historical Society
Montevideo, MN
Diocese of Fargo - Pastoral Center
Fargo, ND
Detroit Lakes Public Library
Detroit Lakes, MN
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
Mankato, MN
Palestine Lutheran Church
Veblin, SD
Our Saviors Lutheran Church
Crookston, MN
First English Lutheran Church
Spencer, IA
Plymouth Congregational Church
Aberdeen, SD
Bethesda Lutheran Jewell Church
Ames, IA
Grace Lutheran Church
Ely, MN
Renner Lutheran Church
Renner, SD
First United Methodist Church
Cedar Falls, IA
Grace Episcopal Church
Jamestown, ND
First Congregational Church
Spencer, IA
Sts. Anne & Joachim Catholic Church
Fargo, ND
Bethany Lutheran Church
Ishpeming, MI
First Presbyterian Church
Wilton, ND
Ebenezer Lutheran Church
Northwood, ND
Jamestown College
Jamestown, ND







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