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Traditional Hand Painted Stained Glass at Classic Glass Studios
Traditional Stained Glass Window


Some of the Finest ‘Munich’ Style Traditional Stained Glass Painting Available in the World Today.


The 'Munich School' style of traditional stained glass painting can be seen in thousands of churches throughout the US and Europe. The Meyer and F.X. Zettler studios, among others of the 19th and early 20th century, employed scores of painters who excelled in this style but unfortunately this level of quality has been lost over the generations until now.

We employ some of the finest stained glass painters and designers in Europe and the United States and are proud to offer possibly the finest hand-painted traditional stained glass in the world.

Contact Classic Glass at 701-232-8999 or email to discuss your stained glass project.

Traditional Stained Glass Window Gallery


Traditional Stained Glass Window"...The people that have viewed the window have been in awe of its beauty. It inspires them and that really was the intended outcome I was hoping for when they viewed the image of our Lord.

My mother cried when she saw the window and has told everyone she runs into about it. Everyone wants to know where the window came from and who painted it? I tell them the story of the painters, and the care and concern they took in producing the window. After I explain this and also the symbolism of the images in the stained glass window they just walk away in awe shaking their heads.

I believe that art is only art when it captures the beauty of truth, and in capturing that truth it elevates our souls towards God. You and your painters have done this! This stained glass window of the Sacred Heart of Jesus will live on for many generations – well done!..."

Jim Froelich

Missouri Valley Petroleum

Mandan, ND






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