Stained Glass Restoration - Returning Stained Glass Windows to there original beauty

Re-leading stained glass windows can return them to their original beauty and prevent further glass breakage for another 100 years - making the investment more cost effective than most major building repairs.

The following is a description of Classic Glass Ltd.'s re-leading process:

  • Document existing installation of stained glass windows and surround.        
  • Label all panels and openings.
  • Remove stained glass panels from exterior of framework utilizing scaffolding or lifts.
  • Assess stability, and stabilize if necessary stained glass panels prior to removal.
  • Package stained glass windows in protective packaging for safe transportation to studio.
  • Templates and measurements of openings and arc of frame will be taken at job site to insure proper fit at re-installation.
  • Once at studio, the stained glass windows will be assessed for replacement materials, and materials will be ordered.
  • Stained glass windows will be documented and completely dismantled.
  • Broken glass will be replaced or leaded, depending how it effects the design, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Mismatched glass (previous replacements) will be replaced.
  • Each individual piece of glass will be cleaned.
  • Stained glass windows will be completely re-leaded using lead came to match original profile.
  • Stained glass windows will be puttied/cemented on both sides as per the specifications with a mixture of linseed oil, calcium carbonate, and blacking.
  • Apply new flat steel re-bar to back (outside) of the stained glass panels.
  • Polish and clean stained glass windows.
  • Package stained glass windows in protective packaging for storage and safe transportation to job site.
  • Re-install panels utilizing scaffolding or lifts.
  • Install rubber shim blocks to align panels as much as possible.
  • Re-glaze stained glass windows into opening.

The process is based on the Stained Glass Association of America standards and guidelines for restoration of stained glass windows.

An example of the stained glass restoration process is shown here.

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