Sometimes a re-putty and simple repairs are all that a stained glass window requires to look good as new. In these cases, the original lead is not replaced. Our comprehensive stained glass re-putty and repair process includes:

  •     Documenting the existing window installation and surroundings
  •     Labeling of all stained glass panels and openings
  •     Removal of each panel from the exterior framework
  •     Assessment and, if necessary, stabilization of each panel before removal
  •     Safe transportation to and from the studio in enclosed and properly-sized racks
  •     Installation of weather-tight, temporary wood coverings over empty window panes, if necessary
  •     Replacement, repair or leading of broken glass, to be determined on a case-by-case basis
  •     Re-painting or leading of broken painted pieces, to be determined on a case-by-case basis
  •     Puttying and cementing of windows on both sides as per the specifications with a mixture of linseed oil, calcium carbonate, and blacking
  •     Removal of oxidation (Though we cannot guarantee that all can be)
  •     Application of flat steel re-bar to the exterior-facing side of the panels where necessary
  •     Polishing and cleaning of each window
  •     Re-installation of each panel into new frames utilizing scaffolding or lift equipment

Our process is based on the Stained Glass Association of America standards and guidelines for restoration of stained glass windows.