For more than a quarter of a century, Classic Glass Ltd has provided stained glass window restoration, Exterior Protective Glass Coverings, and New stained glass windows for churches and institutions nationwide. We also provide custom framing solutions for stained glass installations, along with frame replacement.

New Church Stained Glass

Our team of skilled designers and Liturgical consultants can help you to bring your vision to reality. We provide a range of styles, from contemporary design, to fully hand painted traditional designs. In the tradition of the ‘Munich School’ masters of last century, we are proud to say that our traditional painters are among only a handful of artists alive today , still capable of this level of quality.

Church Stained Glass Restoration

Stained glass church windows typically begin to show signs of bulging, sagging, and cracking after 70 years of age. After 90 years of age most stained glass windows have significant bulging and breakage. It is critical to address the cause of these problems with a proper restoration, rather than simply addressing the symptoms through temporary ‘stop gap’ repairs, before permanent glass breakage occurs.

Exterior Protective Coverings

Many churches have cloudy Lexan installed from the 80’s and 90’s. These frames are typically a grid pattern installed with no regard to the existing frame layout (See before and after image) Many older installations are also not properly vented. Our custom storm window frames are designed to follow the existing framework, to provide the necessary ventilated protection, while enhancing the windows rather than detracting from them. We provide custom designed frame to match your existing frames using clear plate, tempered glass, or insulated glass. 

Custom Main Frames

Too often, standard commercial frames are specified for church building and frame replacement projects in churches. This requires additional modifications and other costs if stained glass windows are to be installed in the future. We provide frame extrusions and configurations specifically engineered to house both stained glass and exterior insulated glass in one frameThese frames are custom configured to accommodate the job specifics. Ideally, the frame layout and stained glass are designed concurrently to minimize limitations in the design process. 

What they say...

"...out of nine bids the church received, the bid from Classic Glass was the only one that included complete details of the restoration process, complete cost information, alternative for repair, and adherence to the Guidelines of the Stained Glass Association of America. The project itself was completed according to schedule and with utmost professionalism from the entire Classic Glass team. The parish members could not be happier with the final product. The finished windows are truly breathtakingly beautiful. What was old has been made new again. Thank you for your excellent work."

David Allen
Calvary Episcopal Church,
Columbia, MO