Stained Glass Window Frames

New Construction Future Stained Glass... Planning Ahead

Most new construction budgets initially exclude new stained glass, but plans often include installation at a later date. Standard commercial frames will require expensive future modifications in order to add stained glass - whereas our frames come with a channel already in place for installation of stained glass at any time.  These frames also come with the optional “cap bead,” which conceals the stained glass channel until the new windows are installed. Another unique advantage of this frame is ability to perform maintenance to or remove either the stained or insulated glass without disrupting the other panel.

Classic Glass, Ltd. will supply the layout and install the frame necessary to meet even the most demanding job condition. Please call 701-232-8999 for more information.

Frame Replacement ~ Maintain the Design...Preserve the Stained Glass

When it comes to replacing stained glass window frames, aluminum frames are the ideal alternative to costly wood frame replication. In most cases, these highly versatile frames can be built to simulate the shape and configuration of the original frame. These frames also combine the original stained glass and insulated protective glass into one efficient frame, eliminating the need for expensive modifications associated with adding exterior protective glass to your existing frames. The latest in window coating technology makes this frame extremely energy efficient. These custom fabricated frames are designed for each particular application and time proven for durability. The versatility of these frames allow for complete design flexibility – with almost any combination of square, circle, gothic, or roman design and several color choices available. Interchangeable frame configurations allow this frame to satisfy any job condition.

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