Exterior Protective Glass: Stained Glass Protection...Without Sacrificing Beauty

Exterior protective glass provides the stained glass protection from impact and weather damage. Existing polycarbonate coverings becomes discolored and cloudy, obscuring the view of the beautiful stained glass windows. Classic Glass ensures that the stained glass windows are properly ventilated to allow a natural airflow to cool the space between the two panes of glass. This helps prevent premature deterioration of the lead holding the stained glass together.

Aluminum frame technology now allows us to create custom exterior frames that follow the design of your original frames – enhancing windows, rather than covering them up. 

Classic Glass, Ltd. will supply the layout and install the frames and exterior protective glass necessary to meet any job condition. Since each stained glass window is unique, please call 1-701-232-8999 or contact Classic Glass for more information to discuss your stained glass protection needs and options.

Below are some examples of previously completed projects.

Below are some examples of previously completed projects.